Meet Grapevine

Clean, classic web design + design services

Grapevine Design has a simple mission: to provide a painless as possible web creation and design experience for a very select group of friends, colleagues and word of mouth contacts.

Our sites combine modern design and usability features with a deep knowledge of design, SEO and web-friendly language. Need clever copy, copywriting, slogans, taglines, advertising teasers or a logo? Yup. We do that too. We create WordPress sites that are mobile friendly. We’re also happy to brainstorm URLs, names, original logos, blogs if desired, newsletter capabilities, widgets and more.

Just between friends…and family…also, friends of friends, but that’s where we draw the line

There’s a catch though- if we don’t know you, or you haven’t come highly recommended — we won’t work with you.

There’s no secret handshake, unintelligible password or matching jewelry with a cryptic symbol that will get you in the door, just a friend of a friend ethos and shorthand.

Happiness is our bottom line, and to that end we prefer to work with those who already know us and our style.

Please don’t take it personally. Most of our work in all of our work lives is already 95% word of mouth and we like it that way. In the web building sphere, we prefer to work with people we already know and trust. We like this comfort zone. It works.

We’re so special(ized)

While we specialize in lifestyle, portfolio, blogs, writers/creatives and corporate sites, we also work closely with healthcare, celebrity and promotional online presences. Apps? We don’t love making them, so we don’t. Web ad campaigns? Sure! Why not.

No drama zone

Here’s the thing, we’re very low-key, laid-back and copacetic. Zen is our middle name (okay, not really).

If high drama is your default, or you require extensive hand-holding, that’s cool, but our work styles probably won’t be a great fit. If however, you’re a savvy business person or entrepreneur who needs their online presence expanded, updated or completely overhauled, you’re starting in a good place.

Are you happiest letting someone do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes while you accept all the webby glory? we should talk.

Who’s the we?

Well, actually, it’s more like a royal we and a lot closer to a me. Here’s part of a cartoon I made that sorta kinda looks like me.

When I’m not being all webtastic, I’m a professional writer, award-winning author and marketing strategy consultant gently keeping this on the DL and as incognito as possible online, which is not very.








Let’s get webby!