If you know me, you probably already know me, so this is mostly moot. My name is Rachel and I’m a proud Brooklyn native with an extensive arsenal of professional skills.

For the purposes of this site, I have nearly two decades of web design experience, and was designing, coding and building sites back when the World Wide Web was mostly grey and porny. I created or consulted on the first beauty, fashion and lifestyle sites online, and coded one of the first international internet radio stations.

I’m proudly a girl who codes and am passionate about STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathmatics) being more inclusive to women and speak or write about the topic often.

On the internet front, I’ve worked with companies including Bing, Johnson & Johnson, Sprint, Microsoft, MSN, American Idol and other top tier companies on their web presences, offshoots and online strategies. Small business and mom and pop shops and solopreneurs are my passion. I love helping you build an online presence that shares your talents with the world.

I also have (among other things) an art degree, a vast copywriting, marketing and advertising background, and an advanced degree in greeting card design. Web design has been one of my quiet side hustles for about a decade and a half.

Let’s get webby!